Research what big cats live in the Jungle.  Choose your favorite one and do a detailed pencil drawing.  Use the internet to look up tutorials on how to draw them if you want to or give it a go yourself. Don’t forget to use shading! 

You can visit for some great step by step tutorials on drawing all sorts of things. 

Rumble in the Jungle. 

Using mixed media (that means lots of different materials like tissue paper, magazine paper, pens paper, coloured pencils, or any crafty bits you have hanging around, create a jungle scene that includes lots of trees and leaves, a sloth, an ant, a butterfly and a Tapier – you might need to look that one up! 

Think about how you could show distance in your drawing…….trees that are wide and big are nearby or in the foreground. Trees that are slim and short are faraway and in the distance. 

Birdtastic! This one is all about Parrots.  Parrots have really interestingly shaped beaks and beautiful coloured feathers. What parrot will you choose to create.  Have a look online and see how many different types of parrots there are, choose the one you like the best and use it as inspiration for your art. What materials will you use? You can draw or paint, stick on feathers, draw really beautifully detailed feathers – maybe you will do both.  Is your parrot sitting on a branch or flying through the air? 

Be sure to let out the odd squawk while you are creating so you can really relate to your subject. 

Snakeskin - Create a snake skin pattern collage.  Get together lots of different pieces of interesting paper – these may be art papers or old magazine or newspaper pages, tear your paper into scale like shapes and using a pritt stick, stick them into a pattern to create a beautiful snake skin collage.  You could then use gel pens or colouring pencils to create additional patterns. 

I see you - The jungle has many amazing creature – do a bit of research and find one that has a really interesting eye. Zoom in really close and do a drawing of the eye using pencils and charcoal if you have it. Remember you can also use your eraser to draw with.  If you have a big area of shading, use your eraser to create highlights. 

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