Scaly Prints! You are going to need to raid the fridge for this one! Grab a piece of celery if youv’e got it, if not you can use a potato.  

For celery, simply cut it off the bunch and you are good to go.  For a potato, cut the spud in half and ask an adult to help you carve out a scale shape using a sharp knife.  Make sure to remove the potato from AROUND your scale as you will need that to be sticking up to be able to print. Now we are ready to go. 

First draw your fish outline, it should be a lovely chubby friendly fellow so you have plenty of room to print.  Give him some eyes and a mouth and perhaps draw a line separating his head from is body.  Don’t forget his fins!

Next get some paints out on a tray or even a plate is fine.  You could use acrylics or any type of ready mix paint.  If you don’t have paint you could use food colouring and (if you don’t have any of paint or ink at all, just draw around the celery stick to get the shape and colour them in.)


Now you want to dip the end of your celery or your potato in the pant or ink (You can use as many or as few colours as you want) and use your veggies to create a beautiful scaly print.  Ps. Don’t eat the celery after printing! Get a new piece. 

Disco Sea Creature – We need to go back into the kitchen for this one and grab some tin foil.  You will also need a sharpie pen as normal pens will not stick to the foil.  


Choose a sea creature – will you do a jelly fish, a shell, a shark or maybe a disco walrus (he will be very shiny). Using a piece of card draw and cut out your creature.  Wrap them in foil making sure to keep the shape – you can ask an adult for help with the corners if you need to – making sure that the SHINEY side is facing out – that is the side that you are going to draw on. 


Use your sharpies to decorate with beautiful scales or patterns.   


Voila! A beautiful shiney sea beast.  Now put on either “Under the Sea” from the little mermaid or “Shiney” from Moana and have a dance around the room with your new friend. 

Coral Forest Prints - You will need bubble wrap and paints for this one. Get 3 or 4 different colours of card or paper – if you don’t have coloured card or paper, you can just use white card or create some coloured one using colours or markers, paint or even scrap paper or packaging from the recycling or old magazines.  


Using a paintbrush, paint over the tops of the bubbly part of your bubble wrap, trying really hard not to get paint in between the bubbles.  Carefully turn it over and gently but firmly press it onto your paper. And remove.  Don’t try and go over it because it will just make a mess – if its not perfect it doesn’t matter, part of the beauty of printing is that you get different textures and effects. 


Let your paints dry and then cut it out into lovely coral shapes.  Stick it on a background to create your underwater world.  You could also draw some little fish swimming around or draw and cut out a crab to scuttle along the sea bed.  How will you finish up your coral Forest.

If you don't have any bubble wrap to hand, see what else you can find around the house to use that has a raised texture, and if you don't have any paints, just get your pens out and draw your coral forest. 

Get out your tool box and draw an under water cave and its inhabitants.  Who lives there? is anyone hiding between the coral - or is it a deep sea cave with lots of weird and wonderful looking fish.  

Google deep sea creatures, choose the weirdest looking one and do a detailed pencil drawing, using shading to accentuate its best or worst features.  Name him, then write a little story about a day in his life. 

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