Research a mystical creature – for inspiration you can look at films (Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, The Hobbit or Star Wars) or get your teeth into some Greek mythology. 

Its all about the skin.  What kind of skin does your mythical creature have? Is it smooth, scaly or hairy? How can you recreate this with the tools you have in your tool box?  Will you use pencil or charcoal or paint?  Perhaps you will find some paper or different materials in the recycling and put them to work.  Will you combine lots of different techniques? 

The one where you draw your whole creature. Using your research photos, get your pencils out and do a detailed drawing of your chosen mystical creature. Will you do it on white paper or coloured paper?  What happens if you do it on black paper? Use different pencils - 2B, 3B, 4B and 6B to get different quality of lines.  Are you going to just do a line drawing or are you going to do some shading? Remember you can use your rubber in your drawing, not just to get rid of mistakes!  

We are all staying home and so is your creature. Imagine what type of world they live in and create a beautiful home for them.  Use as few or as many materials as you like for this one. Maybe you will even hunt around in the recycling and make them a 3D home! Whatever you do, let your imagination run will with this one. 

What if you were a mystical creature? Create an avatar using your tool box. Here are some things to think about – do you have wings or 18 legs? What would your skin look like and would it be one colour or multicoloured? How many eyes do you have – if you even have eyes! Maybe you get around by using an enormous amazing nose. Maybe your hands are claws or fins? Think about creating different textures using different mediums and create a really detailed drawing. 

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