Nice to meet you. You are an Alien.  You go for a spacewalk and meet another Alien from Planet Zorbatangamadrox  You have never seen anything so weird in your life and know you must make a detailed recording of this fascinating lifeform.  Get your toolbox and any materials you can lay your hands on and go to town! 

Constellation City - You are still an Alien. And a very healthy one because you are out on another walk. This time it is a night walk and you look up to the sky and see a city of stars.  

Using a black piece of paper if you have one, if not don’t worry and use any coloured or white piece of paper you have.  Draw a constellation city in the sky using white chalk or gel pens if you have them, if you don’t use whatever you have because your Alien eyes might see the stars differently to how we see them on earth. 

What does your city have in it and are there other aliens?  Draw your city using dots for stars and joining them up with delicate lines to create your picture.  Kind of like a Dot to Dot colouring sheet.  

Design the Ultimate space ship.  Use whatever you want to draw or make it.  Will you do some technical drawings or a conceptual sketch? Or will you have a dig around in the recycling, wield your pritt stick and build a 3D model?

Planets - Go out to the garden or next time you go for a walk take a piece of paper and some chalk or pastels or a pencil with you and see how many different textures you can find by doing rubbing.  Look for leaves, the pavement, a bumpy wall, sticks, bricks, or plant pots, tables chairs, anything you can find that has a textured surface and create a collection of texture rubbings.  When you are back inside, cut them into the shapes of planets and create a solar system.  You could use fine tip pens or gel pens to decorate your planets further or use string to create rings. 

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