When I was a young warthooog!!! Who knows what film that was from? 

Find a picture of a warthog and draw it using lines only – no shading – because they are very hairy piggys. 

African sunset shadow painting - You will need Yellow, red and orange paints for this.  Paint in a sunset and let it dry. If you don't have paints, you could use felt pens, or coloured pencils - even pieces of magazines that are the right colours.  Next, get a black piece of card and draw then cut out animal shapes that look like silloutes.  If you don’t have black card, use a black marker or sharpie. Definitely include a tree or two and then elephants,  giraffes, antelopes and a hippo, guinea birds, a Rhino or wild dogs or whatever other animal takes your fancy.  


Stick your cut outs onto your background. If you are drawing and colouring in your trees and animals, I would recommend doing this on a separate piece of paper so that if you make mistakes it doesn’t matter.  When you have drawn them, colour them in and stick them on your background.  

Zentangle animals - Beautiful black and white pen patterns. Use a very fine black pen to create a series of patterns to illustrate a gazelle or crocodile. Have a look online for examples of Zentangle patterns to copy. You could also print an animal shape template and then fill it in.

Ink pattern Zebra - Get some washable ink or black paint and a piece of string – the thicker the better.  Dip your string in the black pigment and drag it across a white piece of paper to form lovely lines and Zebra stripes.  Draw and cut out your Zebra shape.  You could also use this technique to make a Zebra mask 

Geometric Drawings - Draw an Elephant head using a ruler and only straight lines. 

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