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Hi Parents,


I hope you are all keeping well and surviving in these crazy times.  I have created Karens Art Club at home to provide your kids with inspiration for getting creative.  I have tried to provide activities that are not too prescriptive, and that can be done with just a pencil and paper, if that's what you have.


The lessons are based on my art classes, which are for kids aged 7 - 11yrs and have been adapted for home as suggestions rather than step by step projects, because lets face it, we all need things that will keep the kiddos occupied without having to hold their hand the entire time!


The projects are designed to work with whatever you have have to hand at home, so there is no need to spend extra money buying loads of art materials. I have included a toolbox list with some suggestions of things that you might like to invest in and email links on where to get them, but I think its always good to encourage the kids to get on with what they have and problem solve along the way if they need to. 

Here is a link to my "Art Club Ideas" Pinterest page where you can find lots of fun things to do and examples of some of the lessons on the site. 


I have created The Amazing Artists Community as a space for the kids to share their creative sides in a positive and safe place. There are no like buttons and mean words will not be tolerated. It will be a place where the kids encourage each other in their individuality and creativity, by sharing ideas, uploading their art and being proud of their achievements. I have asked the children to be sure to get permission from parents or guardians and it is very important to me that they have obtained this and that you as a parent take an active role in visiting the group pages with them. Please do not hesitate to report to me anything that you are not happy with at karen@karenthomasstudio.com


If you are able to, please consider making a small donation to help keep the page running.


 In these financially challenging times, I appreciate that many of us find ourselves in tricky situations, so please be reassured that this site is FREE for anyone to use and the site is open to everyone, anywhere. Above all it is my hope is that it helps kids express their creativity and individuality through art in this time and space that is emotional for everyone.

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