Research the artist from each lesson so that you know their style and use their artwork for inspiration for your own self portrait. Why not use one of your self portraits as your profile picture for our artists community. 

Frida Kahlo is known for her self portraits and her wonderful flowery headpieces.  Ask an adult to take a photo of you in a Frida pose, print it out in black and white and give yourself a beautiful flowery crown.  Use pens to create your crown or use different coloured art papers to create a 3D crown. 

Take a selfie and use it for reference. Using different colour papers, Cut out shapes and stick them together to create a self portrait in the style of Matisse's beautiful cut out collages.  

Roy Lichtenstein is the king of pop art. Using primary colours and dots, draw and illustrate your self portrait in the pop art style.  If you have coloured sticky dots hiding anywhere, this is the perfect time to use them up.  You could also use paint and dip the end of a pencil in it, using it to print lovely dots. He also illustrated onomatopoeia words - so you could add a cheeky KAPOW or POP to your self portrait.  

One of Magritte's most famous works is his "Son of Man".  Draw yourself in a suit looking very serious, be sure to recreate the background of sky and sea and wall.  Now choose a type of fruit. Draw and colour it in on a separate piece of paper and stick it over you face.  Now you are the Son or Daughter of Man.  

Picasso had a very interesting way of looking at faces.  Towards the end of his career he was one of the leaders of the artist movement called Cubsim, which broke things down into cube like shaped.  Research some of Picassos portraits and create your own self portrait in his style. may end up looking a bit wonky!! 

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