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Welcome to Karen's Art Club @ Home. Since we are all spending more time (ok all our time) at home at the moment and we can't have our art club in the usual way, I wanted to give you some ideas so you can get creative at home.  All of the lessons on here are from previous art classes that I have held and have been adapted to work at home.  There is no right or wrong way to do any of these activities, don't let not having the materials stop you from giving them all a go.  In the lessons I have tried to give alternative suggestions for materials, but if you have something that I have not mentioned and you want to experiment or think it could work, give it a go! If you don't have any of the materials, get extra creative and see what you can come up with using what you have to hand. There is no need to buy anything specifically for the lessons, with the exception of celery or a potato (all will be revealed later). 

Click on the words opposite to discover the supply list, the art projects and our amazing artists community which is a place to share your artwork and ideas. 

 Whatever you do, and however you use the lessons, make sure you have fun and remember there is no good or bad art and there is no right or wrong way to do it! Your art is beautifully uniquely You! 

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